a bi-polar dark ewok


str 11-0
dex 20-5
con 15-2
int 17-3
wis 11-0
cha 16-3

ac:19 touch: 16 flat: 14


feats/special abilities
shadow familiar
pointblank shot
improved initive
immune to fear
eat 1/week
ewok battle cry (2str 3(conmod{2}/rounds)
+4ac to creatures larger than med.

spells(3 uses per day)
sight obscured
caul of shadow
liquid night
black candle

(cloak of shadow)
lvl:1 steel shadows
lvl:2 sight eclipsed
lvl:3 sharp shadows

(dark terrain)
lvl:1 carpet of shadow
lvl:2 black fire

(eyes of darknes)
lvl:3 killing shadow


this is the tragic life of a tormented ewok.no one knows his name or who his parents are becouse he hardly talked to anyone in his village. From the day he was born he was alway made fun of. his oddly dark black hair, and way to bright blue eyes marked him as an outcast in his clan of ewoks on the forest moon of endor. his whole life he had 3 friends on endor, and even they wouldnt talk to him in public. This has seemed to devestate him and he would have erratic moodswings. as he grew up he spent more and more times reading in the dark at the library. he found that when he is in the dark people had diffuculty finding him and he grew to love the darkness more than any of his peers. one day while embracing the shadows he fell through into the plane of shadows and meet a shadow caster by the name of Tailburst. At first the ewok was shocked by this golden kitsune. he was quickly captivated by the beuty of the soft golden tails swinging to and fro. he was scared of the new plane of existance and could feel the shadows penetrating his soul. the kitsune calmed him and became his mentor and master. she wove fantastic stories from the planet earth. the months turned into years, the dark ewok visited the plane of shadow every night,Tailburst was his best friend and his only family. everyday when he went home, everyday he was tormented by his clan and everynight he studied under Tailburst. one day he snapped. his peers teasing went to far.He cought a group of young ewoks raided his house and spilled his ink over his papers, ripped his books that he studied the formulas for controlling the dark powers of shadow. he dipped into his memory and started chanting out a line of seemingly obscure syllables and sentances. his eyes turned pitch black, blacker than anyother natural black. shadowy spikes shot out impaling the 4 young ewoks who were in his house.Anger corsed through his very existance. he called a pet from the plane of shadow, coated himself in a dark armor and murdered every ewok in the village he destroyed the ewoks on the streets then sytematically went from hut to hut and murdered everyone, women and children included. whenever anyone would try to hit him, they were countered with a spike of shadow impaling them. after the masacure he sat in the center of town, covered with blood, next to his pet. in the next 5 minutes he experienced every emotion from vehement rage to exctatic joy. He went to the plane of shadow and told tailburst of his deeds. “I was afraid this would happen,most shadowcasters are exiled from there homelands. do not worry child. i will bring you to earth, but you must change your name, your identity and hide your true nature.” Tailburst put her nose to the ewoks forehead and they traveled through the plane of shadow to planet earth."now in payment for this deed i ask one boon. I want you to eradicate the lizard form. I want all Squamata beings eradicated from this planet, now go, go and fullfill this wish and then comeback and i will teach you the rest of my secrets. from that day forward he hunted all forms of lizards, from kobolds to lizardmen. also keep an eye out for arcane objects, here there are no living beings that use the arcane forces, and I am collecting arcane artifacts especially arcane crystals, bring any you find back to me and i will make it worth your effort.


Arcane Void. lupa_de_caliga