Arcane Void.

A brief history.


The lands of Galdrith have long been the forefront in the use and development of Arcane magic and technology, however, as time progressed natural users of Arcane magic started dwindling until they had become all but non-existant, though the technology developed persisted, because even though magic had dwindled away, Psionic powers have spread to all sentient races and was able to utilize the technology.

After 1748 years Arcane magic users had faded from existence and technological development had all but come to a halt. Galdrith is now the largest empire of world, the lands under it’s control in a nearly perfect state of being. The entire world was at peace, but that peace was anything but stable. Each other nation was slowly building up its own militaries, reinforcing its borders, there was a general uneasiness sweeping through the lands outside Galdrith.

You, the fledgling adventurer, are from Puraci, an island nation east of Galdrith in the Larveth Ocean. Because the nearest other country is Galdrith, thousands of miles away, there is a gap in general knowledge and technology. On this island nation there has also been a strange occurrence, there have been Arcane magic users that have been appearing. The general reception of these individuals has been confusion and fear. Many of those who showed these strange tendencies were considered afflicted with a disease and more often than not ostracized by those around them.

Present setting!

It has been 92 years since the establishment of Arcane settlements throughout Puraci and you, the adventurer, have come to the city of Friidlend, the largest Arcane settlement, as well as an esteemed portcity.

Whether it was amazing luck or terrible luck, you were encountered by Xen’Zel, the most well known and, without doubt, the most powerful individual in the world, and he brings you to a simple inn, The Rusty Butter Knife.



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